Resurrected Victims

Original name: 희생부활자

Director: Kwak Kyung-Taek

Release: October 12, 2017

Runtime: 91 min

Country: Korea

Genre: Thriller


Kim Rae-Won
as Seo Jin-Hong
Kim Hae-Sook
as Choi Myung-Sook
Sung Dong-Il
as Son Young-Tae
Jeon Hye-Jin
as Lee Soo-Hyun
Jang Young-Nam
as Seo Hee-Jung


Dead victims, who are called RV (Resurrected Victims), come back to the living world to kill their murderer who went unpunished. After killing their murderers, the RV disappear.

7 years ago, Seo Jin-Hong witnessed his mother killed during a robbery. His mother, appearing the same as when she died, appears in front of him. She tries to kill Seo Jin-Hong.